SCO belittles America's firefighters

Darl McBride has written another “community letter”. And, as usual, it’s full of marketing garbage and completely unfounded statements. The most offensive, regarding the for-free community backing Linux has:

Would you really want to trust the backbone of your business to the likely unpredictable response times of this Linux “volunteer fire department” support model?

I’m not sure about other countries but in the United States, especially after 9/11, fire fighters are at the top of the hero stack. And I personally don’t really see how volunteer fire fighters have saved any fewer lives or can be considered any “less effective.”

Back to the point: whether you think the Linux volunteer community is any good or not is your opinion; but making analogies like this in what comes down to an advertisement is downright tasteless. It is just further proof that SCO is just out to make a dollar, stepping on as many people along the way as it can.


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Someone (who is too lazy to post on here) mentioned that I should be a writer for Fox News Channel. I agree.