New TV show: Rome

HBO has a new TV show: Rome. It’s about… Rome. Particularly, the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman empire. Episode 2 aired this week, and I’m so far liking how they’re not improvising Roman history to make for good TV. Well, OK, they are.

It’s typical HBO. There’s totally uncensored sex. Not enough violence in my opinion (so far anyway). And totally superb acting. The show keeps historical context, at least as well as I know it, as a clear focus.

Though, it’s only the end of episode 2, and Caesar is already marching on Rome. This looks like it’s going to be a short series…

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Samat's picture

For the record, I take what I said back about improvising history, because they are. But it still makes good TV.

Anonymous's picture

Just wondering why Rome is not on any more after 2 episodes

Samat's picture

HBO finished airing the first season (13 episodes) in 2005. The next season is not supposed to start airing till 2007.