Changing domains AGAIN--welcome to

Just when you thought I had settled on a domain name, I decide not to! Hah!

I’m going to be moving this site from to Some reasons why:

  1. It’s actually available
  2. It’s short
  3. It’s more me and is more personal (Samat IS my name)
  4. Less connection with my company, Rhombic Networks

Some negatives:

  1. This is the… 4th or 5th time I’ve changed domains? I’m going to write up a history page one day…
  2. It’s eerily similar to my friend Sudarshan’s domain.

While I am going to keep the same Drupal setup, expect some stuff to break. URLs hopefully will remain the same (as they have with and I think I am going to try to figure out something fancy, such as a script that will issue HTTP status 301 (permanent redirect), which Google respects, so the old URLs don’t stay in search engines forever.


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