New versions of Sands available, in two different distributions

I’ve taken my Drupal theme Sands and split it up into two different distributions/versions: one that uses tables for layout (will continue to be called Sands) and one that uses CSS (to be Sands_CSS).

Basically, they are the exact same thing, except a different columns.css and page.tpl.php file.

Drupal’s 4.6 use of the tag triggers strange bugs in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer when using some CSS-column layouts, like the one Sands uses. Splitting into two different themes was the only course of action: though, now that Drupal 4.7 does not use this tag and the bugs no longer occur, it may be a little late in doing this… Oh well.

You can read more about Sands on the page on this site, or through Drupal’s project pages for Sands and Sands_CSS.


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