A UI for setting a script on hotplugged keyboards/mice?

Playing around with the Preferences panel in Ubuntu 6.06, I found an interesting set of options. In the Removable Drives and Media applet, in the Input Devices tab:

Yes, it is a fairly benign UI that lets you set a script/program to run when you connect (aka “hotplug”) a keyboard or mouse. Maybe I am incredibily dense but I cannot think of a program anyone would want to run when hotplugging a keyboard or a mouse…

I am sure it is a godsend for those who need it, but how many people really need it? Does it really need its own UI? From the desktop where “sensible defaults” means removal of useful, commonly used options, the same desktop where you need to go messing around with GConf to configure Nautilus to use a non-spatial interface–the presence of this kind of thing does not seem very consistent.

Yes, I am hating on GNOME. GNOME is very slick and polished in Ubuntu, but it still suffers the problems (that its developers deliberately mandate) that make most classic UNIX users (including me) leave it in droves.

The novelty is nice though, just like when I first used Apple’s OS X. But I’m sorry, regardless of how much you hype it, it doesn’t stop it from sucking (though sheep–er users of Apple’s products like to “think different”). I’m timing how long it takes me to give up and switch to the KDE desktop provided by Kubuntu.

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I was discussing this with someone earlier this evening. You could run a script that crashes or shuts down the computer, emulating how reliable USB and hotpluged devices were with Microsoft’s Windows 98.

Not the most practical use…

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To be fair, I cut out a part of the above dialog since it wasn’t relevant. You can also configure a program to run when you plug in a graphics tablet.

A use case for this comes into mind easily for me: when you plugin a tablet, startup a copy of The Gimp!

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First the “developers” generalize the hell out of the GNOME UI, tossing a bunch of preferences into the registry, including defaults that they know damn near everyone will want to change (spatial Nautilus, anyone? I didn’t think so)… Then they go and include dialogs for niche shit like this?

Even if it can be claimed to be useful for situations such as plugging in a tablet and starting Gimp, how is this, in any way, a common use? You have to think hard to come up with shit like this, yet it’s right there in Preferences. If anything, this is the type of crap that belongs in gconf (ugh, don’t get me started on that registry-wannabe…), seeing as how the vast majority of people wouldn’t have any use for this.

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That is silly. :P I’ve used the KDE desktop in Kubuntu, and it’s pretty slick. I like it more than any Windows XP setup I’ve used. I still turn all the KDE Eye Kandy off tho. Bouncing icons for program launch freeback? As if.