upgraded to Drupal 6.5

After over 2 years, I’ve finally upgraded this website from Drupal 4.7 to 6.5. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long while. Hopefully, with the new Drupal version management scheme I’ve developed for Rhombic Networks (article coming soon), along with the advancements in update management within Drupal itself, it will be much easier to keep current with updates.

Like I discussed my last upgrade to Drupal 4.7, there are several new features I’m excited about:

  • OpenID support. Instead of having to leave comments anonymously, or waste time creating an account, use your OpenID. If you have your own domain, check out Simon Willison’s article how to turn your blog into an OpenID. I’ve noticed with an OpenID, I find myself commenting and participating on sites much more often. Hopefully I can expect the same of others with my website.
  • Drupal’s Mollom module. The old site was getting hit with hundreds of spam comments a day. I gave up trying to filter them all, which meant it took a long time for users’ comments to show up on the site. Hopefully, with Mollom, that will change, and I will be able to screen comments again instead of screening spam. I like Mollom more than I do Akismet.
  • Drupal’s Atom module. RSS sucks. You can now aggregate this blog via an Atom feed. Like most home pages on the Internet, most surfers find content on this site via search engines, or via their feed reader.

Hopefully, I can get my development mojo going and finish porting my Drupal Sands and Sands_CSS themes to Drupal 5.x and 6.x. I’m sorry I took so long!


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I’ve recently upgraded to Drupal 6.5, too. The Mollom module is just great. It has reduced spam to my site by more than 90%.