"Don't Buy a Mac Laptop" for a long while

Rob Pegoraro of the Washington post writes Don’t Buy a Mac Laptop. When you click through the article, you see the the subtext, “Before the 14th.” Rob is referring to an Apple’s announcement stating they’d be refreshing their laptop lineup next Tuesday, October 14th, 2008.

I’m going to avoid commenting too much on why I think this is bad journalism, and how I expect more from someone associated with the Washington Post (even if it is a blog). If the point was to be sensationalist and grab my attention, it did do that, though.

Instead, I’ll go into how it’s misleading… Supposedly, with the laptop refresh, Apple will be introducing a new manufacturing process where components are carved from aluminum. The new MacBook model is supposed to be called the “Brick.” That’s great and all, but I feel as if I need to remind people that first-generation Apple products are always littered with problems. I remember when the PowerBook G4 was released, I’d be able to press down on the palm wrest and scrape along a CD in the fancy new slot-loading drive, while it was spinning. I passed on the PowerBook and bought a Sony VAIO PCG-Z505 instead.

So… before jumping the gun as soon as the new MacBook is released, you may want to wait till it’s known that Apple has all the kinks of their manufacturing process worked out. It may be a while.

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