BrowserID session API support for Drupal

Late last week, Mozilla’s Identity team made available a Firefox extension for BrowserID, a new browser-oriented single-sign on mechanism. Click a button in your address bar and automagically login into a website.

Along with it they made available a browser session API—that is, the browser can now keep track and show whether you’re logged in, logged out, etc, also displayed in your address bar.

Drupal had a BrowserID module less than 24 hours after BrowserID’s initial announcement (thanks Isaac Sukin!). Likewise, in the weekend after the session API announcement I helped out and wrote a patch adding support for the new API.

If you’re familiar with Drupal development, install the Drupal module, apply the patch, install the Firefox add-on, and get browser-integrated, one-click login to your Drupal-powered website.

The patched module is running live on this site right now, so please play with it ( does get boring).

At the moment, Drupal’s BrowserID module does not create an account on my blog, so you must do that first, separately. Create an account here, or if you’ve an OpenID, logon with your OpenID directly to also create an account (funny how complicated this has gotten already). Make sure to set and use the same e-mail address as the one you use for your BrowserID. After creating an account, logout, and then log back in using your BrowserID. If you’ve problems/find a bug, please leave comments on the Drupal bug or this blog post—thanks!

[UPDATE: 16 Aug 2010]: Drupal’s BrowserID module now includes my patch; you don’t need to download and apply the patch separately.

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