Notes on the CD images for the Ubuntu 6.06 LTS "Dapper Drake" release

There have been a couple changes in the latest Ubuntu Linux release, changes that I had to dig to find information about…

First, the “live” and “install” CDs have been renamed. The “live” CD is now called “desktop”, to reflect that the Live CD can now function as an installer. It’s the preferred way to do installs for newbies. The “install” CD has been renamed “alternate install” and provides the text-mode installer for those who are familiar with it, and allows for installation with LVM and software RAID which are not available with the “desktop” installer.

There are also DVDs available for Dapper Drake, but they are difficult to find… I could only find links to them on the Ubuntu Forums, and not on the main Ubuntu website. The download pages, with ISOs and torrents:


Calculating bandwidth from a combined-format web server log

Given a combined web server access log, such as the ones generated by Apache, it can be useful to know the total amount of data transfer of all requests in that log. This task is simple: extract the field listing the number of bytes sent for a request, and add them all up. For something so simple, there is an odd lack of examples or pre-made scripts that do this. Or, at least, I couldn’t find any.

I wrote my solution,, in Python:


A better way to separate Apache log files by virtual host domains

Apache’s “combined” log format is one the most common log formats used in access logging, containing useful fields such as referrer and user agent. Unfortunately, it does not contain a field listing the the virtual host for whom a request was formed. With Apache, this is easily rectified by defining a custom logging format and post-processing logs to maintain compatibility.



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