Adding Silk Icons to the Sands theme

For those who visit this site for my Drupal Sands theme, yes, I am adding Mark James’ Silk CMS icons to the theme. All it required was some little PHPTemplate hacks and some CSS. I’m planning on releasing this version of Sands with Drupal 4.7.

In case you don’t like the icons, you’ll be able to remove them with the deletion of a single line in a single CSS file.


Embrace and... embrace some more?

Microsoft’s infamous Windows Genuine Advantage program is an attempt at combating piracy of Windows, and it is supposedly working quite well.

Microsoft has had a past of “embracing and extending” various technologies, but apparently here’s an instance of them just embracing: if you visit Microsoft’s download center with an alternate browser such as Mozilla Firefox. Instead of being told to switch to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, they offer a plugin that can perform the Windows Genuine Validation within Firefox and other Netscape-compatible browsers.

I’m impressed. Go Microsoft.


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