Anandtech review of Gigabyte's i-RAM solid state storage

Anandtech has a review of Gigabyte’s i-RAM card that they had debuted at Comdex. It’s a card that you can place conventional desktop DDR memory into that fits into a PCI slot, from which it only draws power, and then connect via SATA to your computer. It then asks as a real disk, but based off of memory. Cheap solid state storages for the masses.

The benchmarks are interesting; the performance increase is nowhere near as to be expected. It’s flat out lousy, at least for how little the storage is and how much it costs.

Looking at Python web development frameworks

I’ve a lot of interactive websites I’ve been wanting to do lately. After learning Python earlier this year, I’m wanting to write all these projects in Python versus something conventional like PHP. I’ve come to the conclusion that web development with Python sucks; it’s no wonder it’s not being used very much. There are too many frameworks, many doing similar things in different ways, or doing totally dissimilar things in totally different ways. I’ve been spending the last week reviewing several different frameworks and deciding which ones I thought were best.


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