Fixing Unreal Tournament 2004 for Linux permissions

If you’re using the dedicated Unreal Tournament 2004 dedicated server, you may have noticed that the zip file does not preserve UNIX permissions. Things begin to get messy when you start to update things, as updates are normally distributed as UNIX tar files which do preserve permissions.

djbdns and updating slave name servers

One feature of BIND (and most DNS servers on the Internet) is the concept of “zone transfers.” Records are only updated on the primary server, and they propogate down the slaves.

I’m not going to go into the details but the way zone transfers works isn’t very good.

The DNS software suite I use on my servers, djbdns, does not support sending zones tranfers (at least not without installing another piece of djb software which I’d like to avoid).

So, how do I update my slave nameservers? djb recommends using something like SSH or rsync–but these tend to be cumbersome to use. I thought up a fairly easy (and secure) to perform the same function as zone transfers.


Server outage

Yes, there was a server outage this past weekend. The root filesystem got corrupted all of the sudden and the machine stopped booting. The disk was replaced–and then the machine kept locking up. The solution offered was to move to completely new hardware, which (so far) has been working fine.


Counter-Strike: Source rollback

From the hlds_linux mailing list:

We have released an update that rolls back the Counter-Strike: Source changes made in this last update (apart from the de_inferno changes). You need to run hldsupdatetool to get this update.

which was a reply to the message:

We have released an update to Counter-Strike: Source and the Source engine. Run the hldsupdatetool to get this update.

Testing and quality control. Yeah. Right.



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